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Cape Coral Wildlife Trust, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Cape Coral Wildlife Trust (CCWT) was formed to acquire land for education, research, and the preservation of Cape Coral’s indigenous wildlife.

What's at Stake

The Florida burrowing owl and gopher tortoise are designated a threatened species by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The designation of \"Threatened\" is given to species whose prospects of survival are in jeopardy due in part to commercial and residential development.

CCWT post caution signs to alert drivers

Did you know that the City of Cape Coral has Burrowing Owl and Gopher Tortoise protection ordinances? Those who intentionally harass or harm the burrowing owls/ gopher tortoises or collapse their burrows will be subject to penalties ranging from a $500 fine to 60 days in jail.

Link to City Code:

Research by Dr. John Herman of Florida Gulf Coast University demonstrated that \"the urban gopher tortoise populations in Cape Coral represent a self-sustaining viable conservation unit.\" For this reason, Professor Herman \"fully supports and encourages the establishment of a land trust of current vacant lots…for the conservation of gopher tortoises specifically and wildlife in general.\"

In fact, more than 350 other species - burrowing owls, coyotes, snakes, foxes, mice and more use tortoise burrows to seek shelter and escape heat, fires, and predators. The gopher tortoise is considered a \"keystone species.\" Conservation Biologist Rachel King of Florida Fish & Wildlife further explained \"If they disappear from the environment, the ecosystem will collapse on itself.\"

CCWT\'s goal is to create mini neighborhood eco-preserves all over the City.

Not only will this plan ensure that burrowing owls, gopher tortoises and other wildlife will be protected, but it will provide opportunities to educate residents and visitors. Cape Coral is one of the fastest growing cities in the US*

Every lot we acquire is one less lot developed.

In 2018 we purchased the first lot at 305 NW 7th Terrace with more than 38 active tortoise burrows surrounded by nature-loving homeowners. As of May 6, 2020, we own 19 city properties within six parcels. The land will continue to be home to generations of burrowing owls and gopher tortoises who will live in peace forever.


Own property you might like to sell or donate?

We are always looking for burrowing owl and/or gopher tortoise lots to acquire.

There are dozens of pieces of land with multiple owl and/or tortoise burrows. When the right one comes along, CCWT will require funds to purchase it.

CCWT volunteers mark recent land purchase

This is where you come in...

Do you own a lot where burrowing owls or gopher tortoises have taken up residence? Would you like to consider donating one or more of those lots? How about leaving a property to CCWT in your will? Perhaps you would be willing to sell your property to us at a reasonable price?

If you are interested in supporting this cause, please contact us to find out exactly how you can help.

The march toward a projected \"build-out\", (population of 400,000) is unstoppable. We are confident that with the help of people who love and value the environment, that march may be slowed, detoured and perhaps, in some places, halted.

Monetary donations always accepted

Call 239-980-2593


Board Members

Board members:

President: Pascha Donaldson

Vice President: Carl Veaux

Recording Secretary: Lori Haus-Bulcock

Treasurer: Joanne Gruber

Member At Large: Cheryl Anderson

Member At Large: Jana Charvat

How to donate to CCWT

Please call 239-980-2593

or mail a check to:

Cape Coral Wildlife Trust Inc.

PO Box #  152624
Cape Coral, FL 33915

CCWT: Team effort to educate the public with a new sign on a new land purchase
CCWT: Team effort to educate the public with a new sign on a new land purchase

To Report:

Burrowing Owls, Gopher Tortoises: CCFW 239-980-2593

Injured Wildlife: CROW 239-472-3644

Harassment of Wildlife: FWC 888-404-3922

Rotary Park Wildlife Info: 239-549-4606

Cape Coral Code Enforcement: 239-574-0613

Monitor Lizards: CC Environmental Resources 239-574-0785


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In the News:

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paschas preserve 1 group v3

Ed & Pascha Donaldson, Council Member Jennifer Nelson, FWC Officer Kyle Rogers.

Cape Coral Wildlife Trust celebrates Gopher Tortoise Day on Saturday, April 10th 

Photo from dedication ceremony at Pascha's Preserve. celebrating Gopher Tortoise Day April 10. Pascha's Preserve is located at 3735 Oasis Blvd just South of Oasis High School.

The right to clean water

Action needed- sign the petition.

Florida needs a Right to Clean Water Constitutional Amendment!
Sign the petition by clicking  I will sign!
Here’s the link to the article in the Cape Coral Breeze: Right to Clean Water

Our newest sign acknowledges the donation from the Marie Lelash Trust
CCWT Burrowing Owl habitat land acquisition

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CCWT Ribbon Cutting - First gopher tortoise lot
CCWT Ribbon Cutting - First gopher tortoise lot