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Our Mission

Conserving habitat for wildlife in our neighborhoods allows for the preservation/protection of, education about, and co-existence with, our local native flora and fauna, especially threatened species such as the Gopher Tortoise and the Burrowing Owl.

Conservation of natural land amidst residential development preserves wildlife habitat, threatened and/or endangered species and biodiversity; maintains scenic landscape for people; helps reduce flooding; helps filter water/improve water quality; and maintains the tree canopy and native vegetation that serve as filters for our air. Conserving land increases property values near these greenspaces too.

In the News

CCWT Ribbon Cutting - First gopher tortoise lot
CCWT Ribbon Cutting - First gopher tortoise lot

Ed Donaldson at Pascha's Preserve.

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Ed & Pascha Donaldson, Council Member Jennifer Nelson, FWC Officer Kyle Rogers.

Photo from dedication ceremony at Pascha's Preserve. celebrating Gopher Tortoise Day April 10. Pascha's Preserve is located at 3735 Oasis Blvd just South of Oasis High School.

Cape Coral Wildlife Trust, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.