Cape Coral Wildlife Trust

About Us

Cape Coral Wildlife Trust, Inc. is A Registered 501 c3 Organization.
The Cape Coral Wildlife Trust, Inc. was formed in order to acquire land for education, research and preservation of Cape Coral's indigenous wildlife, i.e. threatened burrowing owl and gopher tortoise.

The designation of “Threatened” is given to species whose prospects of survival are in jeopardy due, in part to commercial and residential development.  Did you know that Florida statutes state that any intentional killing or wounding of a listed species incurs a third degree penalty?  The government needs help from residents in order to enforce these statues.

Our first purchase was a lot at 305 NW 7th Terrace where more than 38 active tortoise burrows surrounded by nature-loving home owners.  Those precious creatures and future generations of tortoises will now live there forever!

We are currently looking for burrowing owl and/or gopher tortoise lots to acquire.  There are dozens of pieces of land with multiple owl and/or tortoise burrows.  When the right one comes along, CCWT will require funds to purchase it. This is where you come in...

Do you own a lot where burrowing owls have taken up residence?  Would you like to consider donating an owl lot?  How about leaving a property to CCWT in your will?  A simple cash gift would also be extremely important.

If you are interested in supporting this cause, please contact us on how you can help.

You can be powerful and important part of our quest save Cape Coral's wildlife in the fact of nationally recognized* rampant development.

*Forbes magazine recently reported that Cape Coral is the fastest growing city in the country.


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