Help us Protect our Wetlands

We asked you to rally…and you heard us. Since our Call-to-Action request last week, we have already met 33% of our attendance goal!!! I would call that a very good start.
I would like for you to take a moment to watch the short video I have included with my message this week.
The seller and developer of this proposed project is requesting that the city of Cape Coral change the land use of approximately 110 acres from what is now CONSERVATION PRESERVE to Mixed Use.
It makes no sense to decrease storm protection, increase flood risk, increase traffic by astronomical and unrealistic proportions, disrupt and harm wildlife population…and for what?!? We are being asked to sacrifice so much. Yet we, as a community, gain NOTHING positive from this development! They are trying to sell another Tarpon Point or Cape Harbor that don’t need or want.
So, join us on August 30 to share our unified message: “Our wetlands and the life-saving mangroves that would be given away to this unnecessary, unwanted, and frankly dangerous proposal can never be taken back!!! Sellers, developers: We just learned a very valuable lesson with Ian. You can’t have our storm protection!!!”
To get details of what to know for that day, visit